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HCRP Donated 637 Pounds of Food to Hawaii Food Bank.

        <One Can-Food a Student Campaign>

Between October 18 and 26, HCRP has held "One Can-Food a Student Campaign" in conjunction with the "A-bombs Exhibit for Peace." Over 700 students plus nearly 100 attendees of Peace Prayer gathering brought non-perishable food to Palolo Hongwanji. We collected more than 35 boxes full of food during 9 days. 


Hawaii Food Bank picked them up on October 27, and they sent us "Thank You" letter on November 5.

They said:


"Thank you for your donation of 637 pounds of food to Hawaii Food Bank.  Your gift is very important. It will help feed Hawaii's hungry families, including parents who have little in their refrigerator to serve their young children..."


Mahalo students and all other participants who participated in our event and brought food with kindness. Peace starts with our loving heart and spirit of sharing resources on the earth among those who have less. If you are interested in FOOD DRIVE, please contact at or visit their web at  

Thank you for your contribution!


Interfaith "Peace Prayer" Gathering 2023

on Sunday, Oct. 22 at 4-6 pm

at Gedatsu Church of Hawaii

has completed successfully!


HCRP organized the Annual Interfaith "Peace Prayer" gathering on Sunday, October 22.

This year's theme was "Practice Peace."

We invited 15 prayer participants from various faith and peace organizations. They demonstrated unique styles of prayers for peace through music, dance, artistic presentation, poem reading, etc. Yet our attendees always experience indescribable "oneness" as our sincere prayers are sent to the mutual, ultimate source of wisdom of the universe. 

Keynote Speech:

                   Mr. Akhilesh Tiwari

                   Ph.D. Student 

                   University of Hawai'i at Manoa

The theme of the event this year was:

                  "Practice Peace" 

There were over 60 attendees that made our venue a full house.

We will welcome you all next year again.

Please join us!

Homelessness in Hawai'i

HCRP members deeply concern the issue of homelessness in our community.  At "Peace Prayer" in both 2011 and 2016, we focused on this serious problem in our everyday living by inviting speakers from homeless shelters.

Additionally, we have been collecting monthly donations from our members to send to the Institute for Human Services (IHS) annually. And we conduct "Food Drive" at our peace gatherings where non-perishable food items are collected and donated to the community.


Interfaith Community Clean-Up Program

Since 2016, HCRP has initiated the annual "Interfaith Community Clean-Up Program."

The purpose of the program is to clean the entire Kaka'ako Waterfront Park to help spread awareness of keeping Mother Earth healthy.

Through this community clean-up project, we wish to show our gratitude for the blessings we enjoy from the 'aina (land) that can be called "home" for all people.

Let's practice...

"Aloha Spirit"

We, the people of Hawaii, are embraced with the "Spirit of Aloha" just like the leis (live flower adornment around the neck) as a beautiful principle of life.


Akahai (Kindness)

Lōkahi (Unity)

‘Olu‘olu (Pleasantness)

Ha‘aha‘a (Humility)


Ahonui (Perseverance)

Let's create...

"Unity in Diversity"

Holy spiritual existence is extended to us all no matter which ethnicity you belong to or what religious faith or political ideology you believe in.  We are all capable beings to live in harmony and to be united in diversity. 


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